• HostUS.us OpenVZ VPS Review

    HostUS.us OpenVZ VPS Review

    HostUS recently had another strong showing on the Top Providers Poll at LowEndTalk, making it in the top 5. With 100’s of companies that have a presence at LET this is very impressive. Because of the recent poll I decided to share some quick information … Read More »
  • Online.net Personal Dedibox Review

    Online.net Personal Dedibox Review

    Online.net – "Providing the best offers since 1999" The Online.net Personal Dedibox servers are one of the best deals in the market. For $15.99 EUR per month you get an Intel cpu with 8c/8t, 16gb ram and 1tb sata storage or 250gb SSD storage. You … Read More »
  • VPSDime VPS Review

    VPSDime VPS Review

    VPSDime – "Fast, Affordable, Reliable" I've been a VPSDime customer for 2 years and the service is absolutely awesome. Fantastic up-time, great stability and professional support. I am currently using my 512mb VPS to host the Webuzo panel, two production sites and OwnCloud. My current … Read More »
  • Viking Layer VPS Review

    Viking Layer VPS Review

    "Viking Layer – High Quality Virtual Private Servers" Viking Layer, a Dr. Server brand is one of the top hosting services I've used. I host commercial sites on my $2 Viking Layer VPS and it's never let me down. This review is on a LowEndBox … Read More »
  • Hostigation VPS Review

    Hostigation VPS Review

    Hostigation – High Resource Hosting Hostigation has been offering hosting services since 2006. I've seen several offers posted by Tim, the owner of Hostigation. He has simple, no nonsense plans that are sustainable yet generous in resources. I purchased the OVZ-512 plan for $5 USD … Read More »
  • WydeBeam – Phoenix Internet Review

    WydeBeam – Phoenix Internet Review

    Update: May 26, 2017 A few months ago the Phoenix Internet company upgraded their available bandwidth to their towers and started upgrading customers equipment. They now offer up to 15mbps down for residential customers. Latency has greatly improved and the network has been extremely reliable.. … Read More »
  • BuyShared – Reseller Hosting

    BuyShared – Reseller Hosting

    Have you ever thought about starting up a web hosting company? If so, this review is for you. For only $2 per month you can start up a basic shared hosting service using BuyShared.com. The BuyShared Reseller 20G package is perfect for someone looking to … Read More »
  • World of Warcraft – WoD 6.2 PvP

    World of Warcraft – WoD 6.2 PvP

    Ten years of World of Warcraft and what a journey it's been. My Paladin has conquered Ragnaros, Nefarian, Magtheridon, Kel'Thuzad, Onyxia and numerous other baddies. When he wasn't busy destroying Gruul the Dragonkiller he could be found on the battle ground leading the Alliance in … Read More »
  • T-Mobile – Great Service, Terrible Support

    T-Mobile – Great Service, Terrible Support

    Outstanding product, terrible support. I thought my question was an easy one. Does the MF61 support LTE? Don't ask T-mobile because they don't know. – My home internet went down last weekend so I activated my pre-paid data hotspot. The speeds were less than expected. … Read More »
  • MXroute Email Service Review

    MXroute Email Service Review

    A few months ago I found myself with a dozen email addresses. Trying to remember the username and password for each service was frustrating. I often had to use the "Forgot Password" link which would either lead to the new password being emailed to another … Read More »