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Have you ever thought about starting up a web hosting company? If so, this review is for you. For only $2 per month you can start up a basic shared hosting service using The BuyShared Reseller 20G package is perfect for someone looking to get their web hosting start. The 20G package comes with the following resources: 20gb SSD space, 1000gb bandwidth, cPanel, WHM, a dedicated IP and 24/7 support.

I recently signed up for the bigger 125G package which comes with all the same features as the 20G but the SSD is upgraded to 125gb and the Bandwidth is 4000gb for only $7 per month. With the free billing software BoxBilling I was up and running in an hour. – If you are new to cPanel, WHM, BoxBilling or other billing software such as WHMCS your setup time may be greatly increased. As with most services who offer reselling, BuyShared will setup the service, but it's entirely up to you to create packages and then connect WHM to WHMCS and then to a 3rd party billing partner such as Paypal.

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With the available resources, 24/7 support and their weird “about” page I was skeptical. I'm a believer now. The service was flawless and I had full control over cPanel and WHM, something that most hosts put extreme limits on. I was even able to pick my own PHP version, fancy that. – The 100% up time and fast SSD's made it even sweeter. To test the 24/7 support I opened a ticket at 10pm MST. They responded four hours later. The response was very professional. I am not aware of them offering end user support, which means they will answer your tickets but not those of your customers.

It's refreshing to find a reseller that empowers their customers. I had full control of my service. It was reliable, fast and DNS resolved properly for the main domain and also the accounts within my WHM. You can use custom name servers or those provided by BuyShared. – Other hosting services include VPS and shared hosting. Their main brand is BuyVM.

Service Link: BuyShared

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