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A few months ago I found myself with a dozen email addresses. Trying to remember the username and password for each service was frustrating. I often had to use the "Forgot Password" link which would either lead to the new password being emailed to another service or me having to deal with security codes sent to my mobile device via a text. Like a good net citizen I use different login credentials for every website I visit. 

While surfing one of my favorite hosting sites, I stumbled across an offer posted by Jarland from MXroute who stated "You bring the domain, we provide the email service. It’s that simple." I've checked into email-for-your-domain hosting in the past and found it to be overpriced for what I would use it for and most services I found accepted only one domain for basic service. That's not the case with MXroute as all service plans come with unlimited domains and email accounts. The price depends on your storage needs.


Update: November 9, 2016: Plans now start at $25/year and $10/month

For 5 USD a month I was able to create email accounts for all of my domains. I then setup forwarding rules so all email received was sent to one domain. Since the email forwarding all takes place via MXroute I feel confident that forwarded email will not get bounced into a spam folder or lost along the way. If an issue does arise the service is fully managed and support is handled via tickets, Twitter, and text message. Email access methods are IMAP, POP and via the web. All connections support SSL for security. To learn more on their features please visit their FAQ.

I've now been using MXroute for over a year and I'm still loving the service. The spam filters have kept me spam free and my email recipients have email delivered to their inbox and not the junk folder. Support is awesome and no billing issues.

Service Link: MXroute



  1. Extremely bad experience with Abrupt cancellation of service for opening two tickets, leaving me without business email for more than a day!!!! You would be wise to avoid if you actually depend on email for your business, and go with an actual company that has a team/shareholders etc, instead of a one-man show like mxroute. Consider this fair warning.

  2. Avoid this mxroute “thing” like the plague.
    It’s a one man show run by some demented fellow who will search the web about you, insult you and then cancel your account if you so much as ask him questions in a ticket.
    My experience was not much different from Mel above.

    This fellow has no understanding of customer service or being a decent human being, and has no business running a business.

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