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Outstanding product, terrible support. I thought my question was an easy one. Does the MF61 support LTE? Don't ask T-mobile because they don't know. – My home internet went down last weekend so I activated my pre-paid data hotspot. The speeds were less than expected. It's been almost a year since I used the hotspot last and I'm still getting the same 7Mb down regardless of the LTE expansion that has taken place in my area. Since I paid for LTE I want the speed that comes with it.

My journey started by entering the T-mobile support chat. I told the agent that I wanted LTE and asked if the MF61 supported it. “That's a good thing for you to find out” was her response and then all went silent. No further advice was offered, not even a friendly goodbye. My next move was to contact support on the official forums.

After registering and then waiting for the mods to approve my forum account I was able to submit my question, where it sat for a day waiting for another moderator to approve it. On July 14th my post was created and I asked “Does this support LTE?” I let the support post sit there for a few days, unanswered, till I decided to call them.

I have to say .. I hate the endless automated phone loops and their phone support system. After what seemed an eternity of punching in numbers I was finally put on a 20 minute hold which really irked me knowing I had a simple question I wanted answered. The agent, though nice enough didn't seem to know what I was asking at first. She kept telling me that her computer shows I do live in a LTE area, “I just want to know if the MF61 supports LTE” I asked again. She muttered “Uhhh, Yea, I think.. Yea”.

With the lack of confidence I had in the agent I decided to call the device manufacturer. I was on the phone with a ZTE support agent in less than a minute after placing my call. “Sir, The MF61 does not support the latest LTE technology.” He then gave me a very in-depth rundown of all the fancy things it does support and then offered advice on what device I should buy.

From the very start I thought my device was only 4g and not LTE. I just wanted someone to confirm it before purchasing a new device for $110. I was disappointed with the situation and I wanted to share my experience with T-mobile in hopes that support could improve in the future. I found that the social media team “T-Force” were the customer support experts. I reached out to them on Facebook where they instructed me to follow a link to setup a secure message. The authentication failed and I was not able to reach them.

The 7Mb for 4g is acceptable for now. I still haven't purchased the new Z915 LTE device because the terrible support has me looking at other options. T-mobile is close to having something great. The equipment and service is there but they need to bring the support to higher level.


Update: August 03, 2015

Another ongoing issue has been paying for pre-paid service via their website that the device connects to when it's out of time. It has never worked. I am forced to call T-Mobile every time I want to pay for more time. They it make very hard to give them money.

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