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Entering Ashran with 13 players
Entering Ashran with 13 players

Ten years of World of Warcraft and what a journey it's been. My Paladin has conquered Ragnaros, Nefarian, Magtheridon, Kel'Thuzad, Onyxia and numerous other baddies. When he wasn't busy destroying Gruul the Dragonkiller he could be found on the battle ground leading the Alliance in the fight against the Horde.

Paladin raiding – Back then the raid teams were 40 players. The blessings only lasted 5 minutes and the buffs weren't raid wide which meant between buffing you only had three minutes of healing before you had to start buffing again. It took months to learn how to down the next boss in progression and loot was based off DKP. It wasn't uncommon to find top tier raiders in non-epic equipment… To those new to the game I'm sure this sounds tedious, but it was the most fun I have had in World of Warcraft. The Paladin is now retired and spends most of his time sitting in Stormwind City where he can be found in the inn half-naked drinking eggnog talking about the good days.

I have since moved onto the Horde. Those who I once despised have become my allies. Now that I am married and a father of two my play time is very limited. I no longer raid and I'm strictly PvP, which I absolutely loved until recently. The game has changed to the point where I no longer enjoy logging in so I have canceled my account and I'd like to share my reasons why.

My Death Knight has slowly been replacing his 660 conquest gear and now has a 720 pvp item level. It's been a terrible gear grind and I've hated almost every minute of it. One day last week I was in Ashran for hours upon hours. Losing most events and only once getting to Grand Marshal Tremblade. After four hours I was finally three of four events and then the race spawned. The Alliance was taking over our base again and ignored the event which allowed us to win 5 laps to 1. However, Most of us didn't get credit even though we were alive at the end.

Now came our great Tremblade push. We lost a few at the bridge leading into the Alliance base. I launched my nuclear attack and charged in with the rest of my team. With Tremblade at 20 percent health I was targeted by several Alliance who attacked me from afar. I died seconds before Tremblade and didn't receive credit. After half a day in Ashran I had nothing to show for my time. I queued up for some battlegrounds and after losing six in a row I logged off. And that's that.

My game of choice is now Elite Dangerous. I am now a commander of a Type-6 flying in the name of Felicia Winters under the Federation flag. I can't say I will miss my WoW friends, because they already quit. The Alliance guild has been deserted and I've been riding solo on the Horde. So long and thank you for the 10 years.


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