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Update: May 26, 2017
A few months ago the Phoenix Internet company upgraded their available bandwidth to their towers and started upgrading customers equipment. They now offer up to 15mbps down for residential customers. Latency has greatly improved and the network has been extremely reliable.. Gaming on the Phoenix Internet service is no longer an issue. I play several online games on the PC including EverQuest, World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. My Xbox One is also seeing low latency in the 45-55ms range. I play Forza Horizon, Titan Fall, Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, Neverwinter and several other games over Xbox Live without issue.

WydeBeam, owned by Phoenix Internet is the most reliable internet I've used to date. Over the years I have been on Cox, Mediacom, CableOne, CenturyLink and Time Warner Cable. Even though WydeBeam is a smaller company, their up-time is actually one of the highest on the list. The only time I've experienced downtime is when the neighborhood experiences a power outage. They also get closer to the promised specs when compared to others. The service I am using is 15mbps download and 2mbps upload and that's what I typically get. They offer fantastic up time, no data caps or throttle. It's perfect for web surfing, gaming, email and video streaming. Hulu, Netflix and Youtube perform well for me on the WydeBeam network.



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  1. I have Wydebeam and I consider them an average intenet company. They way better then satellite or mobile internet. I have their 15 mbs download and 2 mbs upload for $60 (now is $70 but I'm grandfathered in) My 2 neighbors have wydbeam too (same plan as me) and they agree with me that's it's just average. Every 1-2 months wydbeam can experience slower speeds (which piss me off because I game) I wish they would offer speeds around 30-50 mbs. I wouldn't mind paying around $100 for speeds 30-50. Overall they are an average company I would rate them better if they had faster speeds and less slowed down speeds every 2 months for a couple days. If Phoenix Internet can find a way to deliver 1GBs wireless internet like google can with webpass, wydbeam would be so much popular 

    • I would love to see Wydebeam hit 30-50 mbps. But for now I'm happy to have 15! Very happy not being on a Sprint hotspot.

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